UBports Development Information

Well, hello there! I see you've come to try and develop with us. Here's some of the information that you'll need. Know that we are still building this wiki, so we might not have everything that you want yet.

You can begin porting Ubuntu Touch to any phone with:
Android 4.4.2 (in the official Google tree, Nexus 4, not used by UBports)
CyanogenMod 12.1 (What we develop on, any device with this version will work in theory.)
Android 6.0.x (in the official Google tree, Currently broken)

Setting up your source tree

This information will differ based on the type of device you want to port to.

Android 6.0.x
(Nexus or Pixel devices with Android Marshmallow only)


Building ubports source

Installing your Build

Installing Your Build With Rootstock
Flashing a New Android Image to an Ubuntu Touch Device

Miscellaneous things you can do after you have a booting device

Setting up Wi-Fi when the GUI doesn't work

Advanced Topics

How to work around missing ADB functionality
When the Bootloader Decides to Override your Command Line
Building libhybris

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