Set up an app development environment

Clickable is a program to support you with developing apps for the Ubuntu Touch platform. It is written by Brian Douglass and helps you to build, manage, install and test your app without the need of the whole Ubuntu SDK.

This guide assumes you are using Ubuntu Xenial on your development machine. Other host systems might work just fine as well. If you cannot set up Clickable as described here you might want to try the alternative instructions to setup Clickable inside a container or the Clickable website for other alternatives like snap.


If you have the Ubuntu SDK IDE install, you will already have the needed prerequisites. If you don't already have the IDE installed you will need to install adb and lxd. After installing lxd you will need to run lxd init to get everything setup with lxd.


You can get clickable by either installing the Snap from the OpenStore or cloning the GitHub repository.


To install the snap, run:

sudo snap install --dangerous --classic clickable_latest_amd64.snap && \
rm clickable_latest_amd64.snap


To install from a cloned GitHub repository, run:

Add this repository on your PATH by adding the following line at the end of your ~/.bashrc file:

export PATH=$PATH:~/clickable



clickable setup-lxd

to create a container which will be used for building your app.

First app

Now you are setup to build and run your first app:

cd ut-app-template/ && \

This should build and start an app on your Ubuntu Touch device displaying "Hello World!"

Read on here for further instructions.

Final thoughts

Clickable is a wonderful tool to develop app for Ubuntu Touch. Thanks to Brian Douglass and all the devs for maintaining it and for all the help they gave :D
Good coding everyone!!!

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