Release Channels

This document attempts to explain the different release channels used by the Ubuntu Touch project. It can become rapidly out of date, but we feel that this is acceptable compared to the confusion of explaining the channel rationale repeatedly.

You can find the channel that your device is currently using by running sudo system-image-cli -i from a terminal on the device.

The Current Channels


This is the channel you should be on if you're unsure of which to pick. It's the slowest-moving and most vetted release channel.


This channel is a good mix between stability and bleeding edge. We will promote builds to rc from devel when they are possible candidates for stable. This channel should not break, but we can't promise as stable as stable.


This channel will break. If you're working on QA, this is the place to be. If you're trying to use your Ubuntu Touch device in your life, this is not the place to be.

Nightly builds from our CI server get pushed straight into 15.04/devel. When they are deemed as candidates for Stable (which only happens after we enter a feature freeze), they are moved to 15.04/rc

Again, we do not recommend 15.04/devel for everyday use.

Switching channels on your Ubuntu Touch device

There are two ways to switch channels without losing data. They both involve having Developer Mode turned on and your device connected to your computer with adb.


You can run the following command from your computer using adb to change channels:

sudo system-image-cli --switch [channel name]

Where [channel name] is the full name of one of the current channels, such as 15.04/stable. This process will take a while and will not give any feedback while it's running. You can't run this command from the Ubuntu Touch terminal due to confinement.


You can also (handily) use the ubuntu-device-flash utility to flash a different channel without losing data.

sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch --channel=[channel name]

Past Channels

These are the channels that existed at previous times, but are no longer released to.


This is what the 15.04 channel used to be. 15.04 and Legacy are the same builds with a different name. Naming this channel "Legacy" caused a lot of confusion in the community, which is why we moved to the 15.04 monicker.

If you try to flash the Legacy channel, you are automatically redirected to 15.04/stable.


This was the previous daily build channel for UBports, before Canonical Ltd. dropped the Ubuntu for Devices project. If you've updated your phone in the past couple of months, you have been redirected from this channel to 15.04/rc.

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