How to install UBports on your device

Ubuntu Touch and now UBports is a modular, open system, so there are also multiple ways how to install it:

Before you cry: Make a backup of your existing data

Non-Canonical devices

These instructions will help you install our OS on the "Core Devices" such as the Nexus 5 or Fairphone 2.

Switch from Android, Canonical, or any other OS to UBports

Switch the channel on an existing UBports device

You can read about the channels you can choose from and learn how to switch on Release-Channels

Official "Ubuntu for Devices" devices

These instructions will help you install to a device that ran an official Canonical build of Ubuntu for Devices, such as the BQ M10 or Meizu MX4

Switch from Ubuntu for Devices to UBports' OS

Switch from Android to Ubuntu

BE VERY CAREFUL! This can permanantly damage or brick your device. NEVER check the "Format All" option in SP Flash Tool and carefully read everything that it tells you. Some users have destroyed the partition that holds their hardware IDs and can no longer connect to Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

  • BQ devices: Download the official Ubuntu Edition firmware from here and use SP Flash Tool to flash it.
  • Meizu devices: You are pretty much stuck on Flyme. There are some instructions floating around for downgrading your OS, gaining root with an exploit, unlocking your bootloader, and so on. We aren't going to link to them here for obvious reasons. You're even more at your own risk on that one.

We are being vague with these instructions on purpose. While we appreciate that lots of people want to use our OS, flashing a device with OEM tools shouldn't be done without a bit of know-how and plenty of research.

Get help from other users and the UBports team

See the links in the sidebar to learn how to get a hold of us!

Developers: Install custom builds with recovery or rootstock-ng

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