How to flash existing ubuntu touch devices with Ubports images

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NOTE: THIS METHOD WILL WIPE YOUR DATA! PLEASE BACKUP BEFORE TRYING, We are working on a method that will not wipe your data, if you want to keep your data please wait until that's done or you use this backup method:

  1. Ensure ssh-server is installed on backup destination
    sudo apt install openssh-server
  2. Create the destination folder on your backup destination
  3. Ensure your phone can connect to your backup destination (e.g. both in same LAN)
  4. Backup your phone

    rsync -avz --delete /home/phablet/ <user>@<server>:<dirname>/phablet/

    to send all Apps data to your server of choice, and later reverse the process to restore the data. Then follow these steps (this will not work in a virtual machine):

  5. Reboot to bootloader (try holding volume (down, up or both) + power button)

  6. Download the unlocked adb recovery for your device
  7. Install (if it isn't installed) and run ubuntu-device-flash:
sudo apt install ubuntu-device-flash
sudo ubuntu-device-flash --server= touch \
--channel=15.04/stable --bootstrap \
--recovery-image=[Downloaded adb recovery image]

Please file a bug report if you have any problem.


Unlocked adb recovery:

BQ Aquaris E4.5
Codename: krillin
Status: Works, tested
Adb recovery:

BQ Aquaris E5
Codename: vegetahd
Status: Works, tested
Adb recovery:

BQ Aquaris M10 HD
Codename: cooler
Status: Works, tested
Adb recovery:

BQ Aquaris M10 FHD
Codename: frieza
Status: Works, tested
Adb recovery:
If flashing fails, try this.
NOTE: this device seem to use little over 3 minutes to boot, we are looking into this issue

Meizu MX4
Codename: m75/arale
Status: Works, tested
Adb recovery:

Meizu PRO 5
Codename: turbo
Status: Works, tested
Adb recovery:

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